The Masters of Crystal

Employee Benefits

Immediately after starting the employment in our company, you are entitled to:
•  5 weeks of vacation
•  Contribution to canteen meals and meal vouchers
•  Contribution to recreation in company facilities
•  Remuneration for non-remunerated blood donors
•  Benefits of our partners – service providers

After one year of uninterrupted employment you are entitled to:
•  Contribution to individual recreation
•  Contribution to individual children recreation
•  Employee mobile phone
•  Contribution to supplementary retirement insurance

Events organized by the employer for the company employees: 
•  Family events, e.g. the Children´s Day, St. Nicholas Day…
•  Sport events
•  Theatre performance  
•  Festive meeting of employees

PRECIOSA Foundation is also prepared to help. 

Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us!

PRECIOSA Foundation for employees

The Preciosa management appreciates its employees; without them, the company long-standing development would not be possible. In collaboration with the trade union and PRECIOSA Foundation, the management guarantees their social securities and needs.

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