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PRECIOSA Foundation for employees

The Preciosa management appreciates its employees; without them, the company long-standing development would not be possible. In collaboration with the trade union and PRECIOSA Foundation, the management guarantees their social securities and needs.


In case of an urgent need, the Preciosa Foundation can help individual employees from the whole Preciosa Group. Its help can apply to the applicant´s critical health and social situation or education and leisure activities of children from socially weak families.

Further activities of the PRECIOSA Foundation which the PRECIOSA GROUP employees can take advantage of:

- Preventive flu vaccination

- Scholarships for students of chosen universities

- Participation in children holiday activities

- Specialized health programmes

- Support of sport, cultural and other leisure activities 

Detailed information on the above mentioned possibilities and others can be provided by the HR Department or PRECIOSA Foundation representative.

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