The Masters of Crystal


• How can I apply for a position at PRECIOSA?
We prefer an application in an electronic form. If you chose a free position in our section Vacancies please use the inserted link through which you can send us your CV and letter of motivation.

• I cannot find anything suitable. What am I to do?
If you cannot find any suitable free position please fill in a Questionnaire for a Job Applicant and send it to our contact.

 • Can I send my CV in a paper form by a normal post?
We would appreciate if you could send us your CV in an electronic form. This way of delivery assures you that you have really been included in the open competition for the given position.

• What are the individual steps of the open competition?
The structure and range of the open competition depends on the position you apply for. The most common selection method is a personal interview. The open competition usually starts with an interview with the HR officer and chief officer. For chosen positions, a psychological and diagnostic test and a subsequent interview with the technical manager are parts of the open competition. 

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