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Preciosa TOP Employer Once Again

The Most Desirable Company

The vote of Czech university students is in and the results are crystal clear:  Preciosa is the most highly rated employer in the Liberec Region. 

For the second year in a row Preciosa won the title of "The Most Desired Company", becoming the most sought after employer in the region.  The 12th annual national competition for best regional employer which once again shone the spotlight on Preciosa, was based on a survey of university students across the Czech Republic.

University finance and economics, science and humanities students selected companies where they would like to work after graduating.  In the Liberec Region, the students selected Preciosa, a.s. as their ideal employer.

 This section of the competition was run by the international AIESEC student organization with the awards being organized by the Association of Employers which consists of approximately 150 members.  Members are primarily Directors of Human Resources of the most prominent employers operating in the country.

At Preciosa we are proud of the college students’ interest in our company, and we are very pleased to have won this award last year, in 2013, and this year in 2014.

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