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PRECIOSA Models Elegant Trophies for Tour de France

The 2015 Tour de France Trophy by PRECIOSA Lighting

Just as the Tour de France is instantly recognizable as one of the most prestigious international cycling events, crystal trophies have become one of the winning symbols of this popular multi-day race.  The basic characteristics of the trophy‘s design has remained unchanged over the years, the only difference from year to year being the type and workmanship of the glass.  The 2015 edition is unique thanks to the brand new StarDust® technique developed at PRECIOSA, the Czech company that made these impressive trophies for the first time this year.  They were designed by Peter Olah from ŠKODA AUTO, which has sponsored the Tour de France trophies for five years now. 

The difference between last and this year's trophies are not only where they were made, but the finishing décor used.  Not only is the body of the trophy made of cut glass, but cut glass components were also applied to its surface using a new special surface treatment called StarDust®.  This latest decorative method created by PRECIOSA Lighting has interesting sculptural characteristics and incredibly high brilliance.  The technique consists of a layer of machine-cut crystal stones of various shapes and sizes that beautifully disperse and refract light into individual spectral lines, producing a crystal effect called “fire”. 

The feeling was that a premier event deserved a world premiere – and the StarDust® technique was used for the first time on the Tour de France trophies. "Each crystal stone was meticulously applied by hand on the trophies”, explains engineer and co-inventor of StarDust®, Daniel Cizek.  “In addition, on the trophy’s rim we used specially polished cubic zirconia."  The trophies weight approximately 3.5 kg each, though because they are hand-made, the exact weights vary slightly.  There were six trophies and two marked prototypes made.  One prototype was made for Škoda Museum in Mlada Boleslav and the other will go to the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou, both in the Czech Republic.

Over 40 individuals from Kamenicky Senov worked on the trophies

The new StarDust® technique had its debut at the 2105 Tour de France


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