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The Czech First Lady Visits Preciosa

L Klausová L Karlová 1103
On June 28th, 2012, the Preciosa Showroom in Jablonec welcomed a very special and honoured guest: the First Lady of the Czech Republic, Mrs. Livia Klausova.

Mrs. Livia Klausova met with the Chief Officers of Preciosa and discussed with them many topics ranging from daily events at the company to the situation in the Czech glass and jewelery industry.  The First Lady was also interested in the latest trends and newest addition to the chandelier, jewellery, gift and crystal component product lines.

During her visit Mrs. Livia Klausova officially christened the 2012 Autumn Jewellery Collection, aptly named: "Focused on Detail".

The connecting element between each Focused on Detail design is the precise workmanship and unique play of light and reflection which is the distinguishing characteristic of Preciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ components.

All pieces in the autumn collection were designed by Preciosa artists.  The collection consists of over 30 designs broken down into various sets and will be available in several colours.

The new collection features a variety of jewellery manufacturing techniques.  A brand new element in cut crystal components will be introduced as well: the negative cut, which gives the stones an interesting "new dimension".  Another exciting part of the collection is the combination of coloured cut stones and subsequent surface coatings, which add a captivating effect of ever-changing colour shades to each jewellery piece.

To conclude the official christening, Mrs. Livia Klausova received her own jewellery set from the new collection.

After her visit in Jablonec, the First Lady traveled on to Desna in the Jizera Mountains, and the home of the world-famous glass seed beads from Preciosa Ornela.  There she also visited a relatively new addition to the Preciosa portfolio, the VINO-LOK glass stoppers production facility.


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