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New product in Preciosa

The idea behind the Vino-Lok system is to provide bottlers with a closure that is technically reliable and organoleptically 100 percent neutral, meets food-grade standards, and is attractive to consumers. It’s elegant enough to adorn a good bottle of wine. The Vino-Lok "click" instead of "plop" adds an emotional touch while offering the highest level of product safety. Furthermore, the closure is completely recyclable.

Preciosa Group announces that it have entered into a binding Purchase and Sales Agreement with CSI Deutschland GmbH for the transfer and sale of the VinoLok/VinoSeal business.  The agreement includes the transfer of the existing assets, industrial property rights and existing commercial agreements pertaining to this product.  The deal was closed on June 1st, 2011. From that date on all rights and responsibilities were transferred to Preciosa Group.

For more detailed information about Vino-lok click here

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