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MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12®

Features of the new MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12® include:

  • Lead-Free (lead content < 0,009%)
  • Exceptional brilliance, fire and sparkle
  • AB effect reflects the latest trends
  • A special glue-layer with a lower melting point – saving energy and offering fresh creative possibilities
  • High adhesive strength and durability of bonded surfaces

Choice and Variations:

  • Hot-Fix with a Grey Interlayer (as regular supply)
  • Hot-Fix Transparent (to order only).The adhesive is applied to unfoiled flat-back stones.
  • Foiled (Silver)

PRECIOSA products that carry our new Lead-Free Brilliance symbol contain less than 0.009 % lead (< 90 ppm) and are made according to the highest environmental and sustainable manufacturing practices. These premium products meet the most stringent industry standards and international certifications.

ikona souboru ikona souboruFlat Back Stones - Catalogue 2015
ikona souboruVIVA12 CPSIA Certificate

ikona souboru ikona souboruApplication Manual - Hotfix Stones Application
ikona souboru ikona souboruApplication Manual - Glueing
ikona souboru ikona souboruApplication Manual - Sewing and Hand Application

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