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Preciosa cooperates with a number of scientific institutions and research centers to secure and fulfill its defined ecological goals. The benefits of this collaboration are reflected especially in the securing of independent external audits. Based on audit results, the company keeps on developing its production process and technologies and all of its procedures are continually adjusted to attain a higher qualitative level and to always be in accordance with the latest standards and EU requirements.

An excellent example of external audits is the certificate (see below) issued by an independent accreditation laboratory to confirm that the company’s glass fashion jewellery semi-finished products are in line with the terms and conditions set out in European standard EN 71 – Toy safety– volume 3, issue 1996/A1, year 2001.
Rhinestones (chatons) in 39 colours were selected to represent the complete Preciosa assortment range. Their tests proved that the handling of glass fashion jewellery stones or products containing them does not pose any health or safety risks to users. The methodology that simulates solution of dangerous substances in a human stomach (e.g. when swallowed or licked by children) is used to test products in accordance with the standard (norm). The levels of lying (migrating) elements are thought to be biologically accessible for the human body metabolism and are compared with the toxicological and hygienic standards required for a child organism. In case that the tested products meet the requirements of the standard (norm) they can be filed into the toy category including the toys determined for a contact with foodstuffs and/or cosmetic toys./

Certificates and Declarations    Announcements
ikona souboruCertifikát Oeko-Tex    ikona souboruOeko-tex Standard 100
ikona souboruMAXIMA - RoHS   ikona souboruROHS
ikona souboruMAXIMA - REACH    ikona souboruREACH
ikona souboruMAXIMA - Certificate of Compliance   ikona souboruOPTIMA
ikona souboruMAXIMA - California Health and Safety    ikona souboruEN71 - Toy Safety
ikona souboruMAXIMA - 40ppm Lead Declaration   ikona souboruHeavy Metals in Foiling
ikona souboruVIVA 12 - CPSIA   ikona souboruAZO Test
ikona souboruVIVA 12 - 40 ppm Lead Declaration   
ikona souboruSGS Test Report - MAXIMA, VIVA 12®   
ikona souboruProduct Lines- REACH    
ikona souboruSemiproducts - RoHS    
ikona souboruRose Gold - REACH    
ikona souboruRose Gold - RoHS    
ikona souboruEN71 - Safety of Toys   
ikona souboruOPTIMA - Declaration of Conformity   
ikona souboruOPTIMA - 40ppm Lead Declaration    
ikona souboruNP_CAB - CPSIA    
ikona souboruOeko Tex Product class I    
ikona souboruNo.4048 Protocol   


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