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Special Effects on Stones and Beads

In addition to cutting, Preciosa employs also other particular techniques to achieve appealing effects on stones and beads.

Foiling means the application of a reflective metal layer onto the bottom of stones in order to attain maximum brilliance.
Golden foiling – a silver reflective layer coated with protective varnish with a bronze pigment. It is used for most round and shaped stones.
Silver foiling – a silver reflective layer coated with protective varnish with an aluminum pigment. It is usually used for rhinestones in AB crystal.
Aluminum foiling – a mirror effect is created by applying an aluminum layer in vacuum. It is used for 3/4 balls, cubes and hot-fix roses.
Unfoiled – channels, cubes, beads and drops are supplied without a mirror layer.

A thin film of metals and their compounds is applied onto a selected glass surface by means of a special vacuum method during which metals, their oxides and salts endow products with a precious stone look and create an amazing spectrum of colourful and glittering effects.

Types of coatings:

The following types of coatings are applied to fashion jewellery stones and flat-back stones:
Top decoration – this decoration obtained by coating in vacuum is applied onto the top part of the stones.
Bottom decoration – a thin layer of this decoration is applied onto the bottom part of the stone to create an unusually impressive changeability of the colour spectrum, depending on the intensity and direction of light.

Beads and drops
Two types of coatings are used with this assortment:
Half-decoration - is a type of decoration obtained through a vacuum process. It is applied only on the bead part. The appearance of some decorations can vary substantially – in their color coating or metal effect – depending on an angle from which we look at a bead.
Full decoration –  this decoration is applied on smaller beads only; it covers the whole bead surface and creates a metal green look.

A matt stone look is obtained by means of special chemicals. It is also called a frosted look.

Colour Finishes
Preciosa developed a special method of applying thin colour coatings of a line of light colour hues on a polished product surface. Even a true expert’s eye hardly recognizes that it is not looking at colour glass but at crystal with a flawlessly applied fine colour film. This technology is mainly used with cut beads, pendants and trimmings.

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