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Inspiring Fashion & Accessory Creations with SS2016 Innovations

It seems that our latest set of product innovations has truly inspired fashion designers all over the world.  Even we are (pleasantly!) surprised to see the wonderful variations and uses our Spring and Summer 2016 CREATE Inspirations has spawned.

Dazzling Style: Classic B&W Chessboard Square Pops with Padparadsha

Demand is high for the new MC Rivoli MAXIMA in Setting and MC Chessboard Square. The Crystal and Jet squares, pictured here in combination with our luscious new Padparadscha shade, create a stunning attention-grabbing purse for a daytime shopping excursion or a stunning evening clutch for a night out at the theatre.

Elegant in Nude: Metal Banding and MC Square Are Timeless Yet Alluring 

We were sure our Metal Banding with Nacre Cabochons would be a hit with the bridal segment, but it has turned out to be all the rage for ladies hats and purses, men’s ties and even show-stopping sparkling evening gowns!  The MC Square 132 in Setting, also featured here, is turning out to be a popular hit with types of fashion accessories as well.  

Accents of Padparadscha: Shimmering Scarf Adds a Modern Edge to Any Ensemble

The two new shapes of Jet Sew-ons (Navette and Pearshape), used here with the MC Chessboard Square and VIVA12, give this scarf a contemporary yet glamorous feel.  Not surprisingly they are versatile – for dance dresses, all sorts of fashion accessories – and even for home décor! 

Hit the Beat: Pastel MAXIMA and MC Square Sparkle in Rose Gold Quickstep Combo

The MAXIMA MC Square MAXIMA and MC Square 132 featured in Rose Gold plated settings come alive in this short and snazzy dance dress, showing our components’ flexibility in stylish and playful, fashion-forward designs as well.  Our new 18K Rose Gold Plating, which rounds out our latest new product innovations, also expands designers’ options for Stones, Fancy Stones and Cup Chains. It’s already a hit in the jewellery segment, and as we can see, accessories and fashion are not far behind.  

Keep your creativity flowing – we know there is no limit to your imagination, or to the sparkling designs that are just waiting to come alive!

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