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Innovations 2014

2014 Innovations

In 2014 we are introducing two brand new colours, larger sizes of Sew-on stones and we are adding some completely new shapes to our already broad repertoire.  In bringing you these all-new 2014 products we were guided not just by the hottest fashion trends but also from your feedback from our satisfaction survey – which we always try to address to its fullest!

Our latest innovations go hand in hand with the latest colour trends

Preciosa presents a luscious red Burgundy and vibrant Indian Pink! They will underline the uniqueness of any creation and perfectly match the latest colour trends for the Spring/Summer 2015 season.

Indian Pink (No. 70040)

The youthful Indian Pink, with its fresh and airy hue, expands our offering of the ever popular pinks.

Burgundy (No. 90100)

The luxuriously rich Burgundy is confident and individualistic, ideal for emphasizing originality while remaining darkly elegant.

Both Indian Pink and Burgundy colours are available in MC Chaton MAXIMA (Art. 431 11 615), MC Chaton Rose VIVA12® (Art. 438 11 612) and MC Bead Rondell (Art. 451 69 302).

Brand new  Fancy Stone and new sizes of your favorite Sew-on Stones!

Please welcome the MC Square Ring – an entirely new addition to our Fancy Stones product range! And, based on your feedback, we have also broadened our selection of sew-on stones: we now offer the Pear, Oval, Rectangle and Triangle in the “missing” large sizes. All four of these new sizes come in Crystal, Crystal AB and Crystal Honey.

MC Square Ring | ART. 435 93 651

The simple yet elegant square never goes out of style. Preciosa is introducing this traditional yet versatile fancy stone in a 14mm version. The MC Square Ring will be available in both Crystal and Crystal AB.

MC Oval 301 2H | ART. 438 62 301

The classical MC Oval now also includes the larger 24x17mm size. All three sizes are available in Crystal, Crystal AB and Crystal Honey.

MC Pearshape 301 2H | ART. 438 67 301

Preciosa completes the offering for this two-holed Pearshape with the large 28x17mm size. Available in Crystal, Crystal AB and Crystal Honey.

MC Rectangle 301 2H | ART. 438 76 301

Due to popular demand, we have added a larger Rectangle to our Preciosa sew-on product line. The MC Rectangle is available in Crystal, Crystal AB and Crystal Honey.

MC Triangle 301 3H | ART. 438 72 301

Last, but by no means least, is the three-holed Triangle to which we have also added a larger size as a result of your inquiries. Like its smaller cousin, this 22mm version comes in Crystal, Crystal AB and Crystal Honey.

We have extended our standard offer of pearls with five neoncolours

Bright and beautiful, the new Crystal Neoncolour Pearls take you to the next generation of exciting and hip fashion wear! Unleash a whole new freshness with our effervescent Lemon, Sun, Sweet, Lilac and Sky Blue neon shades. Use them with unlimited panache to give your designs a dazzling edge!

Here is complete colour offer of Nacre Pearls

Introducing the new Preciosa Sew-on Stones in Settings 

All new for the 2014 season are the Square, Baguette, Rivoli and Oval in a setting. Now you can create and easily sew-on spectacularly sparkling decorations to any garment or fashion accessory! 

Here is complete offer of Stones in Settings

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