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Introducing the 2016 PRECIOSA Colours of the Year: ROSE OPAL – ROSALINE – LIGHT SAPPHIRE

Colors of the Year 2016

Fresh, hip and fashion-forward, our take on this year’s colours of the year creates an exciting palette that is serene and delicate, yet full of hidden, feminine energy.  These nature-inspired light pink and blue tones awaken the soul, and are sure to make a splash everywhere in 2016 – from haute couture to home décor

The fair and feminine Rose Opal and Rosaline are colours of young passion. A soft energy emanates from them, stimulating the imagination in all the creative arts. The Egyptians and Romans used rose quartz’s qualities to beautify the skin and remain forever young.  Today, these hues add a delicate beauty to any creation with their subtle touch of girlish playfulness.

Since ancient times, the celestial Light Sapphire, has been thought to be a stone of royalty and divinity. In ancient times, those who believed in its powers thought it brought fortune and protection. It was at once a symbol of strength, yet also kindness and wisdom. In combination with our pink hues, its crystal clear blue will encompass every design with its heavenly benevolence.

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