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11 Ring with MC Squares
Turn Simple Dresses into Sparkling Outfits with Our Crystal Stones!

When you apply our new sew-on stones to any existing outfit, it instantly becomes stylish. Using a needle to carefully place our specially cut stones and beads, you can create countless captivating motifs and patterns on clothes, scarves, handbags, belts, shoes, and other accessories. You can also enhance your jewellery with our colours of opal, sun, sea, honey, and ripe fruit. Indulge yourself by turning even the simplest dresses into something special.

New shapes

Our Collection of New Sew-On Stones Is Sure To Be a Hit!

We are introducing four new two hole stones which further enhance our current collection and offer new and exciting combinations for designers: MC Square, MC Chaton Rose VIVA12, MC Navette and MC Pearshape.

MC Square 303 2H
Art. 438 73 303
This two hole square with reflecting mirror tables meets our customers’ desire for a larger stone. This stone can be now purchased in 16x16 mm in Crystal, Crystal AB and Crystal Honey.

MC Chaton Rose VIVA12 2H 

Art. 438 61 613
A two hole option has been added to the extremely successful MC Chaton Rose VIVA12, providing more flexibility in ways to apply the stone. MC Chaton Rose VIVA12 is now available in Hot Fix for ironing, foiled version for gluing or setting, and one or two hole options for sewing it on. It’s available in 8, 10, and 12mm size, and comes in Crystal, Crystal AB, and Crystal Honey. 

MC Navette 301 2H 
Art. 438 64 301
The symmetric shape of the two hole MC Navette makes it the perfect accessory for creating geometric and organic ornaments. The stone is available in 12x6 mm in Crystal, Crystal AB and Crystal Honey.
MC Pearshape 301 2H
Art. 438 67 301
The 12x7 mm size two hole stone in the shape of a soft petal, is available in Crystal, Crystal AB, and Crystal Honey.

The Popular Sew-On MC Oval Now Comes in a Larger Size

MC Oval 301 2H

Art. 438 62 301
Because of the success of the two hole MC Oval 301 2H, we have added a new 16x11 mm size. This stone is available in Crystal, Crystal AB, and Crystal Honey.

More Colours for Preciosa® Stones and Beads

MC Loch Rose VIVA 1H 5 mm is Available in New Colours

MC Loch Rose VIVA 1H

Art. 438 61 612
Until recently, colours for the popular Loch Rose VIVA12 1H stones have only been available in 3 mm and 4 mm sizes. We are pleased to announce that we now have 5 mm stones, available in five colours: Hyacinth, Light Siam, Rose, Sun and Smoked Topaz.

MC Bead Rondell 
Art. 451 69 302
We have added three new beautiful colours to Rondelles sizes 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm. They are: soft green Chrysolite, ocean blue Indicolite and soothing Deep Tanzanite. All are available with or without AB Coating.

MC Bead Round – Regular Cut 
Art. 451 19 602
MC Beads Round sizes 4, 6, and 8 mm are now available in Chrysolite, Indicolite and Deep Tanzanite – with or without AB Coating.

White Opal for Our Favorite Fancy Stones!

MC Square 211
Art. 435 23 211
MC Square 211 can now be ordered in five different sizes in the highly popular White Opal colour, one of our trend colours for the Spring/Summer 2012 season.

MC Baguette

Art. 436 26 212
MC Baguettes are now available in glossy White Opal.

MC Channel

Art. 431 11 301
MC Chanels now come in glossy White Opal.

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