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Rediscover the Beauty of MAXIMA Pure

Step into a world that is sparkling and seemingly untouched by human hands. It is elegant in its simplicity.  Its true colours shine through as light reflects and refracts, playfully dancing on its surface like the sun’s rays on a shimmering sea.  But just like an ocean, MAXIMA Pure has substance within its depths that may not be apparent at first glance. Its mesmerizing crystal and cut are underlined with the consistency, confidence, and certification you have come to expect for our premium product line.


  1. CRYSTAL - The Look and Feel of Full-Lead Crystal
  2. CUT - Perfect Geometry and Improved Optical Properties
  3. CONSISTENCY - European Quality and Reliability
  4. CONFIDENCE - Easy Proof of Authenticity
  5. CERTIFICATION - Taking Responsibility for Tomorrow

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Re-discover the beauty of purity...

... of MAXIMA Pure!

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