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Summer Double Header: MAXIMA Nano and new OPTIMA

nano mxm1

The biggest hit this summer is also one of the smallest: as of July 1st, 2016 PRECIOSA has nano-sized its MC Chaton MAXIMA! Despite their size, these tiny packages pack quite a brilliant punch. The smallest 8-faceted chatons (PP1) range from 0.80 to 0.90 mm. The slightly smaller PP0 has 41-faceted diamond cut and is made from cubic zirconia.

The world`s smallest precision-cut in Preciosa portfolio

         PP0: 0,80 mm +- 0,01 mm                            PP1: 0.85 +- 0,05 mm
         431 11 199                                                       431 11 111


These perfect miniatures are perfect glued or set to create sparkling micro-pave designs for even the smallest creations. What is more, because they are part of the MAXIMA product line they are lead-free. In fact, most of our new nano sizes have a lead content of less than 40 ppm!

OPTIMA is now Lead-Free

The start of the summer season also brings another change in our line-up. As of July, PRECIOSA OPTIMA has joined our lead-free products – in our full colour, shape and size range!

The change in our popular product line follows in the steps of our flagship brand, MAXIMA, which means that it will also continue to have the same perfect glass purity and consistency, superb brilliance, and second-to-none optical-aesthetic properties.  At the same time its lead content (<90 ppm*) will satisfy all international standards, including those for children’s products.

During the transition to OPTIMA Lead-Free, we will also be modifying the packaging so that you can easily recognize it. Although the envelopes themselves will remain the same, as of January 1st, 2017 they will include a pictogram clearly identifying them as lead-free. You can also verify the new improved OPTIMA by its barcode:  all lead-free products start with either 996 or 997.

                     pictogram                                                     996 and 997  


* Maxima quality is now available with lead content  <40 ppm (selected items), for more details contact your local Preciosa sales representative.

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