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Brazilian Carnival Resplendent with PRECIOSA Crystal Components

Claudia Raia v kostýmu s kameny PRECIOSA

Claudia Raia, a popular Brazilian actress and dancer, glittered with breathtaking opulence at this year’s Carnival in Brazil.  Dressed in an over-the-top fantasy bursting with PRECIOSA crystal components, Raia sparkled at the famous annual Samba Parade, both in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 

In São Paulo, Raia represented the main theme of the great Samba School Parade “Nenê de Vila Matilde”.  Her resplendent shimmering white costume was made of more than 100 thousand Czech crystal components.  In Rio, Claudia Raia was honoured by the Samba School Parade Beija-Flor de Nilópolis.  With a backdrop of spectacular blue plumage, her costume illuminated the night thanks to all shapes, sizes and effects of PRECIOSA Crystal Components. 

Known for her various talents and empathy for her fans, this year Claudia Raia celebrated 30 years on stage. And Preciosa has been with her every step of the way, richly adorning her stage costumes with the most precious and traditional symbol of the Czech Republic – Czech crystal.  When asked about the importance of PRECIOSA for her at the Carnival and on stage, Claudia Raia quickly responded: "I think a woman wearing a costume embellished head to toe with Czech crystal is absolutely luxurious, elegant – feeling like nothing can go wrong. That's how I feel with PRECIOSA accompanying me at all the most special moments in my career."

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