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Hana Havelkova

Hana Havelkova is one of the Czech Republic’s most successful fashion designers.  She has received many awards and her work is sought after and respected in many countries.  She developed her own brand in 1991, and her HH label reflects finesse, excellent workmanship,  and an unerring eye for elegant curves.  Hana Havelkova’s work includes a line of limited collection fashion as well as tailor-made apparel specifically for her clientele.   This designer is, however, best known for her spectacular evening gowns and wedding dresses.

Preciosa’s cooperation with this famous Czech designer began in 2013 when Preciosa presented Havelkova with our full range of crystal components.  Now, Preciosa Crystal Components are an integral part of Hana Havelkova’s latest collection – one that garnered great applause on the runways of Designblok in Prague and Shanghai’s Fashion Week.

Do you use crystal components frequently in your designs, or are do they represent just one ways to add that special touch?

I like clean lines,  even a minimalist style in fashion.  My pieces are characterized by their simple design.  Nonetheless, when I want to highlight a detail, on an evening gown for example, then components from glass stones are a wonderful material.  Because of its purity, glass also reflects my signature style.  Crystal stones allow me to uniquely create and decorate details on evening gowns in a way that make them completely exclusive.  I use the components both on show pieces as well as on made-to-measure garments for my clients. 

On which parts of a garment, or on which daily wear accessories do you like glass components the most?

Glass stones can be used on different parts of clothing.  I like them on tops and dresses; on accessories I prefer them on handbags and belts.  With good taste and creativity, however, stones can be used pretty much anywhere.  There are no limits today.  The limit really is just good taste and functionality.

Did you enjoy working with our Preciosa Components? Is our product range sufficient for a designer of your calibre, or would you like to see new shapes, colours or application methods?

When working with crystal I like the creative aspect, I like to play with composition.  Preciosa’s product range is quite broad, and with it I can put together a variety of décors and abstract shapes. Personally, I prefer geometric shapes and décor, so perhaps I would welcome more rectangular shapes.  Of particular interest to me was your wider range of black stones.  In my designs I like to use black fabric, and using black stones on black fabric seems very luxurious to me – and quite delicate, in a way.

Your clients come from all over the world.  How do their expectations differ – how much are they influenced by their country of origin?

Customers really do seek out my Studio from all over the world.  I suppose they like my minimalist approach to clothing.  The beauty of minimalism and refined simplicity connects us all, whether we are from Brazil, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Sweden or the Czech Republic.

The traditional social roles of men and women have changed significantly over the last half century.   Women today are more independent, men are often no longer the sole breadwinners.  Do you see this gender-blending reflected in men's and women's fashion as well?

I think the trend, when a woman needed to display her position, and to demonstrate her equality to a man through her clothing – the “broad shoulder” look – peaked in the latter part of the last century.   At present, the role of women is much more refined, and their equality is, in my opinion, widely accepted.  A woman also has more independence today.  She can be herself and this is reflected in her clothing.  But I do think that we often borrow something from the opposite sex and inspire each other that way.  Taking inspiration from a man’s wardrobe, and vice versa, amuses us and infuses a bit of daring pizzazz into the world of fashion.  I personally borrow many details and silhouettes from the masculine wardrobe, which undoubtedly comes from my taste for simplicity.

Where do you seek inspiration for your designs?  Do you also find inspiration “on the street”?

I am inspired by everything around me, you just have to keep your eyes and mind open.  It can be an exotic trip, an interesting novel, a beautiful film, or in my case even just a walk through the center of Prague, where I have had my Studio for over 20 years.  I named my last collection “110 00” after the postal code for Prague 1.  Through it I wanted to express my inspiration in a minimalistic way – the inspiration that came from the architecture and atmosphere of our city center.  Examples are my favourite hotel, Josef, designed by architect Eva Jiricna, or the cubist gem – The House of the Black Madonna – with its fascinating façade, magnificent staircase, and stylish café. 



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