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Dancing Stars in Austria

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A TV reality show Dancing Stars has celebrated big success not only in the country of its origin, Great Britain (Strictly Come Dancing), but also in 32 other countries. The dancing couple is always formed by a professional dancer and a celebrity. This show has had great success in Austria too, and therefore it entered into its 6th season on the 11th of March every Friday on ORF eins.

More than 200 costumes are needed for the Ballroom and Latin dance competitions.
A British company DSI (Dance Sport International, a significant business partner of Preciosa in Great Britain, see ) is one the costume makers for this magnificent show. Preciosa donated stones for their making.

Shiny chaton roses from Czech company Preciosa decorate mainly the female dancer dresses for Latin Dance but also the male dancer’s shirts in Austrian show.

The following couples are taking part this year:

* Christine Kaufmann, an actress and an author  and Werner Figar, an Austrian Vice State Champion in Latin Dance
* Alfons Haider, an actor and a singer and Vadim Garbuzov, a Vice State Champion in Latin and Ballroom Dance
* Dieter Chmelar, a journalist and an entertainer and Kathrin Menzinger, an Austrian Vice State Champion in Latin and Ballroom Dance
* James Cottriall, a musician and Roswitha Wieland, Top 30 worldwide ranking in Latin Dance 
Alexandra Meissnitzer, a former top Ski star and Florian Gschaider, an Austrian State Champions WDC in Latin and Ballroom Dance
* Cathy Zimmermann, a journalist and Christoph Santner, a State Champion 2009 and Vice State Champion 2010 in Ballroom Dance
Mirna Jukic, one of the best swimmers in Austria and Gerhard Egger, who came first in the Show in 2009 
Astrid Wirtenberger, a singer from the pop/folk band Die SEER  and Balázs Ekker
Markus Wolfahrt,  a musician and member of the folk Band DIE KLOSTERTALER and Alice Guschlbauer
Nowak Reinhard, an actor and an entertainer and Kelly Kainz, who won the show twice before 
Uwe Kröger,  a musical star and Barbara Koitz
Mike Galeli, a movie producer and Julia Polai 

This successful show is going to be broadcasted by ORF (

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