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DAZZLE - Preciosa Crystal & Lux Composition

Get inspired by a dazzling combination of Preciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ and the Lux White Collection!

Iconic beauty brand Lux recently offered Preciosa the opportunity to co-create the new Lux White Collection’s I Dazzle Campaign. The aim of the collaboration between Lux and Preciosa is to promote the luxurious Lux White Collection with the sparklingly precious Preciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™. Both of these brands bring timeless beauty into the lives of women, each in their own uniquely brilliant way. Together the combination is really dazzling!

The Lux White Collection roll-out is supported by an impressive marketing campaign which includes a TV commercial, a behind-the-scenes video, print and electronic advertising, in-store promos, and an “I Dazzle” online contest, among others. Launched in Indonesia this October, the collection was subsequently introduced in Malaysia and Singapore. Launches in several other Asian countries are also planned.

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We are bringing you a few photos from this campaign.

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