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Dazzling Preciosa stones decorated the iconic 10 foot LUX bottle

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A few months ago, Preciosa commenced its partnership with LUX on the LUX White collection campaign. The first launch of the new collection started in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore on the 1st October 2012 with the unveiling of an iconic 10 foot LUX bottle decorated by hundreds of thousands of Preciosa stones on the 6th December. This spectacular event was held in one of Jakarta’s most exclusive hotels, the Kempinski.

More than 1 million people joined the campaign online in less than 2 months. Winners of the “iDazzle” competition won fantastic prizes including luxurious boat cruises, LUX White products in gorgeous packaging with Preciosa stones and other sparkling gifts.

In our last newsletter about the partnership between Preciosa and LUX, we informed you about the marketing campaign and the successful TV advertisement, which was shot predominantly at the Tesla Arena in the Czech capital Prague. The Making of video includes interesting interviews with Ms Anne Radmacher, Global LUX Vice President, Mr Stanislav Kadlec, Vice Chairman of Preciosa Group and with young figure skater Ms Taylor Hui, the star of the TV advertisement.

This campaign will now continue in Thailand and other Asian countries will follow. This composition between Unilever and Preciosa companies will thus help to increase the awareness of their products and brands also in other Asian markets.

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