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Fall in Love with the 2015 Colour of the Year – the Sensuous CRYSTAL VENUS!

COY2015 Crystal Venus and Marslala

In 2015 we remain in the reddish tones of the colour wheel, though this time with distinct earthy and robust underpinnings.  The alluring CRYSTAL VENUS is sending Cupid’s arrow your way to strike (we hope!) a resounding cord in your heart!

Love is in the air with the PRECIOSA 2015 Colour of the Year: VENUS.  Just like the matching PANTONE Colour of the Year, Marsala, it is a full-bodied sultry shade that sparkles with unexpected flashes of greens, golds, and even deep blues.  As a result it pairs well with warm yellows and ambers as well as the cooler teals, aquas and blues.  

The rich and robust CRYSTAL VENUS goes equally well with more neutral colours like taupes, greys, and even darker shades like blacks and browns.  Because of its metallic shimmer, it is just as spectacular with gold, silver and other metals, and can confidently be used to add that extra special touch of elegance to either men’s or women’s fashion accessories!


                                      Exclusive design by Martin Pouzar and Martina Strouhalová.

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