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Jitka Klett, a fashion designer, was born in Slovakia. Her work is known not only in Europe, but in the countries of the Middle East as well. Her studio is situated in the Grömling Palace built in rococo style on the Lesser Town Square, which is the historical centre of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It is a place where women´s secret wishes are fulfilled, a place which they leave in unique, custom made gowns of exceptional beauty. Jitka Klett designs and makes both elegant dress for everyday wear and luxurious gowns for social events and amazing wedding dresses.  Two of her outstanding wedding dress designs have brought together Jitka Klett and Preciosa.

Could you please describe this collection?

Jitka Klett: We are now presenting a wedding dress collection with Preciosa stones in Crystal version. From the whole Preciosa assortment, these stones are the purest and most engaging inspiration for me. I have used the Crystal stones plentifully in two of my wedding dress designs – one representing the Arabic and the other the European style. Typical features of my work are femininity, elegance and harmony.  I also like to use clear and elegant motifs which I have found in a wide range at Preciosa and have started to apply them more and more in my designs.

In which of your collections have you used Preciosa components in the past?

Jitka Klett: We have recently cooperated on a project called Art Fashion Show Jitka Klett 2014 and Preciosa was our partner. I have used the majority of your components, both in my costume jewellery and on my garments.  Our biggest success was that we could present our fashion show in three countries together with Preciosa: we started in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world – the Emirate Palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE, then continued in Prague and finally finished our tour in Košice, Slovakia.

Do you also plan to use Preciosa components in your latest collection?

Jitka Klett: Yes. My latest creation are designs in the Haute Couture style. All dresses are sewn by hand using Preciosa components. The first piece is finished and was presented in a TV clip. I would like to create 8 – 10 designs in the Haute Couture style and apply Preciosa components to them. At the moment, I am looking for the right motif. I would like to use mostly Crystal components with AB finish, i.e. stones with shiny effect. The collection will be presented in at least eight countries as the interest in my work is, thankfully, really great.

What do you think makes your work so successful in different, often quite diverse countries, e.g. in the Middle East? You are very popular there.

Jitka Klett: Combining art and fashion is natural for me. I often work with prints on textile materials. For example two years ago, I was inspired by the work of the Czech author Vladimir Obr.  In my latest collection, I have transformed photos by the former Slovak president Mr. Rudolf Šustr. I feel more and more that combining the work of other artists with my own fashion creations brings me great joy and success both with my clients and fans. This might be the reason why I have gained notice in the Middle East, where “art” and real art, especially from Europe, are very popular and in demand.

Why have you chosen Preciosa stones?

Jitka Klett: I consider myself a strong “patriot”, especially when I am abroad. I am proud to work with glass components from a Czech company with such a long glass tradition, without having to use Swarovski crystals as most of the fashion designers do. I am always pleased to introduce Preciosa and am happy to be connected with this company which benefits from a hundred years of tradition in glass making in Bohemia. After all, my studio has been open for 20 years and maybe also thanks to this our partnership is so successful.

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