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Preciosa crystals used in fashion pieces by English students

Jennifer F. M. Murray, a student of a prestigious English fashion school, the London College of Fashion, asked our company to provide crystal components for her to use in the completion of her graduate collection.

She introduced her daring designs inspired by church dignitary costumes under the name Cirque d'Amen. She used fur, silk and brocade for the men collection and Preciosa crystals really stood out on such luxury underlay. The designer created outstanding applications from sew-on stones and seed beads of various colours and shades. The glitter of these applications nicely topped the flamboyance and the splendour of these pieces.
Her work was also presented at the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Jennifer has of course proudly informed us about her success and sent us pictures of her original, eye catching designs.

(Photography - Masha Mel (1), Chris Moore (2,3); Models - Jay & Curt / Nevs Models; Make Up - Ole Elias Reinholdtsen Hove;
Creative Assistant - Rylan Cutting; Designer - Jenny Murray)


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