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PRECIOSA is the Service Star of the Chinese Garment Industry

The certificate for The Service Star of the Garment Industry

On October 21st, 2014 the award ceremony of the Chinese Dream – Brand’s Dream took place at the Kerry Hotel  in Shanghai.  Organized by Saier Media along with major Chinese clothing associations, Chambers of Commerce, and fashion leaders, these prestigious and influential awards recognize outstanding service and product quality in the garment industry.  This year PRECIOSA sparkled amongst the tough competition winning the much sought-after title of The Service Star of the Garment Industry.

In 2014, the Chinese garment industry underwent a critical period of intensive transformation and re-branding that culminated in this year’s Chinese Dream, Brand’s Dream Awards.  The focus of the awards was to identify, build and solidify brands: voting to uncover the best brands covered 39 clothing areas within China, and the million plus votes took the entire year to collect and process.  When all was said and done, however, one company outshone all the rest.  In fact, PRECIOSA was awarded the top Service Star award for its dependability, service excellence, superior quality, diversified portfolio and style with a unanimous vote!

PRECIOSA was applauded for its variety of colours, sizes, cuts and styles of crystal components.  The garment industry appreciated the company’s commitment to tradition, product excellence, and innovation, citing the new MAXIMA product line – 100% produced in the Czech Republic – as pushing lead-free crystal components to a whole new level of excellence.  Fashion leaders also were impressed by PRECIOSA’s focus on customer service.  From production and product availability to sales support, Preciosa saw and capitalized on the opportunity to help its business partners in China to achieve greater competitiveness and influence in the industry.  Because of this, PRECIOSA Crystal Components are not only cherished, but have also won universal recognition amongst China’s domestic clothing brands.

The strength of Preciosa’s brand, service and innovation has also firmly anchored the company’s position in the international garment industry.  Mr. Filip Jauce, Preciosa Marketing Manager - Hong Kong, who accepted this esteemed industry award summed it up: “We are extremely proud of the industry’s recognition of our efforts to create both the highest quality product and deliver exceptional customer service.  We are greatly encouraged, and will certainly continue to serve our partners and push crystal components to new levels of perfection!” 


           PRECIOSA was awarded The Service Star of the Garment Industry for its dependability, service excellence, superior quality, diversified portfolio and style.
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