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The ICE AWARDS – An Opportunity for Emerging Talent

The ICE Awards - new competition and challenge for young jewellery designers!

Innovation, Creativity, and Excellence: these three attributes form the foundation of the jewellery  industry.  And, it is these three attributes that gave rise to the name of a new challenge for young jewellery designers –  the ICE Crystal Jewellery Awards.  Creating this new competition, which starts this October and ends in May of 2014, involved three key organizations  from three different areas of the jewellery business:  Preciosa, the leading manufacturer of crystal components; the fashion magazine Accessories; and New York’s design school, F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology). 

The goal of the competition is to discover new talent from among the young fashion designers and students at the renowned F.I.T. in New York.  Preciosa is not only sponsoring this competition financially, but is also supplying the crystal components that are to serve as the basis of the creations designed by registered competitors.  Accessories, a magazine whose focus, as its name suggest,  is fashion accessories,  will provide media coverage for the competition.  

What can we expect to see during the competition?

Ten jewellery design students selected from F.I.T. are paired up with ten mentors consisting of established designers and well-known jewellery artisans.  Each student is given the task of designing a Fall/Winter 2014/15 jewellery collection with Preciosa components; the mentors serve as advisers during the entire competition.

An expert panel of judges then selects five finalists from among the finished collections.  Lastly a winner is chosen from among the five finalists.  Readers of Accessories will be able to vote for their favourite during the final round, as both print and online versions will follow the competition from concept to finished product.  The event will also, of course, be featured on the Preciosa , Accessories and F.I.T. social networks.

The actual creations of the finalists will be revealed to the public at the May Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball (FABB) , a gala charity ball which brings together over 800 leaders from the fashion industry.  The winner of a competition and readers’ vote will be awarded a stunning crystal trophy made by Preciosa.  All finalists will also have the priceless opportunity of meeting leading jewellery manufacturers and fashion accessory retailers face-to-face.  A successful competition can thus be a direct opportunity for a career in the fashion industry.  As a result, with their talent and creativity, we can look forward to the ICE Award participants’ new and refreshing creations very, very soon!

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