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Venexiana designs and Preciosa Components at New York fashion Week

Preciosa Components in exlusive design from Venexiana

Once again the start of February saw the resumption of the Fashion Week marathon: the series of week-long shows that, like glittering ribbons, encircle the key metropolis‘ of the world.  The Fashion Week season traditionally begins in New York , then moves on to London, Paris , Milan and other fashion centers around the globe.  Preciosa crystal components shone at this year's first fashion show with the Venexiana  designer brand which presented its latest styles on February 8th front and center  in the main hall of New York's Lincoln Center.

Venexiana’s star designer, Kati Stern, is a complete magician when it comes to evening gowns for women who look for truly luxurious elegance.  One gown after another, as each burst onto the catwalk, garnered great admiration and enthusiasm among the audience.  The entire fashion show was impeccably perfect down to the very last detail:  each dress, accessory, hairstyle, and even music formed a spectacularly unique package which the world’s fashionistas found delectably refreshing.   Venexiana used Preciosa’s premium product line, MAXIMA, to make exclusive hair ornaments in the “black diamond” colour tone for each of the runway models as well as to embellish several of the gowns.  

One particular exclusive black gown, which was adorned with a fur cloak, and whose sleeves were decorated by multiple rows of Preciosa chaton edging, received a spectacular round of applause.   The ease with which Kati combines such diverse materials and the unique creations that arise from these exciting combinations is incredible!  The Venexiana 2014 Fall/Winter 2014 Collection was truly a resounding success in New York.

But as it goes in the fashion world, one show barely finishes and designers are already thinking about the next one.   Venexiana too has already started gathering inspiration for its 2015 Spring/Summer Collection, and we are extremely proud that famous designers like Kati Stern continue to turn to Preciosa crystal components to bring their beautiful designs to life.  The world is, after all,  just that bit more delightful when you put a little sparkle in it!

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