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New unique cuts

Dive into another exquisite sea of innovative designs from our PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia and Gems collection. To inject your collections with a fresh esprit de vivre we have added five brand new cuts to stir the imagination, splash around with, and create uniquely stunning and elegant pieces. Our original shapes are available in a delightful rainbow of colours to match the latest trends in fashion and jewellery – as well as in classically graceful tones. Emphasizing legendary PRECIOSA precision and unparalleled brilliance, the luxuriously faceted new stones promise to make any fashionable, fine jewellery or watch design stand out from the crowd with shimmering opulence!

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2016 New Colours

Hot on the wave of the summer holidays PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia and Gems is gearing up for the upcoming new season with a dozen fabulous cubic zirconia and nano colours!  These brilliant new gems sparkle in shades of red, violet blue and even green in our usual high-quality cut and precision.

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We Give You Our Heart - Heart Briolette Cut

Heart Brioltette Cut

PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia and Gems presents it latest product innovation: the Heart Briolette Cut. Like every spring, we have once again prepared for you, our customers, an exciting new product. This time we didn’t look to the hottest trends, but decided to come out with an evergreen favourite that indelibly belongs in every fine jewellery collection: the heart.

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New Product Catalogue of PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia & Gems

PCZ Product Catalogue 2015

The PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia & Gems company just came out with its latest catalogue. In it you will find a complete overview of its products in the available colours, shapes and sizes, including the new 2015 Fancy Stone, the Bead 74 Cut.

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Innovations 2015

CZ Innovations 2015

Don’t miss the exceptional opportunity to touch the latest fashion trends! We would like to present you our Innovations 2015 – Bead 74 Cut – machine cut bead with precise cut. Its durability and perfection of cut assure jewellery manufacturers that offer the best quality product which will not wear down or lose its brilliance.

Contact your Preciosa team or authorized distributor to obtain more information.

Combination of superior craftsmanship and precision!

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New Transport Packaging - Social Responsibility is Green in Colour

New Transport Packaging

As an ecologically-oriented and sustainable corporation, Preciosa is continuously looking for ways to lighten the burden of our activities on our environment.  This time, we are happy to announce that we have developed and are introducing brand new shipping boxes - into which your original Preciosa packaged stones are packed to prevent damage during transit. 

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Innovations 2014

Innovations 2014

We are proud to introduce these revolutionary brand new precious stones – with their novel colours and shapes. The mystical opal colours are underlined by their original fine jewellery cut which creates an opportunity to be singularly distinct and unique! 

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New colours on the fine jewellery stones market

Nanogems 3 colours

Preciosa Cubic Zirconia & Gems  division launched new Nanogemstone colours : Citrine, Topaz Swiss Blue and Peridot. Besides  round stones, these new colours are also available in various shapes as squares, baquettes, marquises, pears and ovals.

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New transparent packaging for Preciosa coloured stones

CZ 230112b
Through our new packaging the rainbow will shine every day for our customers!
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New Colours of Nanogems*

Preciosa® unveils new colours of Nanogems* – unique synthetic jewellery stones.
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HYT_CZ_barevne krystaly
Meet our new products
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