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2016 New Colours

Hot on the wave of the summer holidays PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia and Gems is gearing up for the upcoming new season with a dozen fabulous cubic zirconia and nano colours!  These brilliant new gems sparkle in shades of red, violet blue and even green in our usual high-quality cut and precision.



The calmness of this steely blue speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

Dark Blue Topaz

Conservative yet distinguished, this true blue shade is always in style, adding a touch of charming sophistication to any design.


Lie down on a patch of freshly cut grass or a soft blanket of velvety moss.  Your senses will soon transport you far, far away!

Chemical Composition ZrO2+Y2O3
Cubic Structure | Hardness 8.5°Mohs
Density 5.9 g/cm3 | Refractive index 2.17
Heat Resistance up to 300°C / 572°F 
Not suitable for use in the lost-wax casting method.

Cubic Zirconia is popular for its affordability but more notably for its fiery appearance and versatility. It is an ideal material for the production of jewellery thanks to its hardness comming close to the hardness of ruby or sapphire, and optical properties close to those of diamond.

High index of refraction (comparable with topaz)
Durable - resistant to damage from daily wear
Environmentally-friendly, ecological and sustainable


Topaz London Blue

Bring in the grandeur of this rich, capital blue when you need to make an impact.

Topaz Sky Blue

One look up at a cloudless summer sky is sure to fill you with joy and boundless energy. So too will this heavenly shade of blue!

Topaz Royal Blue

A sovereign amongst the blue bloods, this tone reigns supreme with its charismatic vibrancy.

Tanzanite Blue

Underline an evening out with this elegant blue. Like the stars in the night sky, it sparkles from afar.

Tourmaline Blue Green

Dive into the refreshing depths of nature's underwater paradise.  Even Neptune himself would get lost in this intoxicating beauty.


Breathe in the elusive scent of delicate blooms that shimmer in a field of floral springtime delights.


Nothing says royalty like the dark purple red tones of this majestic and noble stone.


Sensuous and dramatic statements are made with bold reds. This one is sure to spread like wildfire!


Indulge in some cotton eye candy and create a sweet symphony of happy memories.  It's so good you may just want to take a bite!

Chemical Composition Al2O3, MgO, TiO2, SiO2
Glass-Ceramic Structure | Hardness 6.5-7°Mohs
Density 2.7-3.2 g/cm3 | Refractive index 1.5-1.7
Heat Resistance up to 900°C / 1,652°F
Suitable for use in the lost-wax casting method.

Nanogems completely imitate the colours, brightness, hardness and density of gemstones. 
Complete colour stability, including under UV light
Highest hardness of synthetic stones with zero-cleavage
Maximum resilience – ideal for lost wax casting
High index of refraction (comparable with topaz)
Durable - resistant to damage from daily wear
Environmentally-friendly, ecological and sustainable

Nanogems are cut from material exclusively manufactured by Formica Co., Ltd., sole producer in the world.

All 12 new CZ and Nanogems colours are available in sizes from 0.80mm to 3.00mm. Other sizes only on request.

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