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Innovations 2014

Innovations 2014

We are proud to introduce these revolutionary brand new precious stones – with their novel colours and shapes. The mystical opal colours are underlined by their original fine jewellery cut which creates an opportunity to be singularly distinct and unique! 

Individuality and Uniqueness with Every Stone

Take advantage of the power of our opal coloured nanogems which allows your imagination to take off in leaps and bounds and unleashes your spontaneous creativity.  Express your true inner self through the fiery colours of our opal nanogems!

Opaque Ivory   

This elegantly classic stone in neutral beige has just a hint of warm cappuccino undertones. 

Opal Pink

A breathtakingly lovely combination of pink and opal tastes which evoke feelings of compassion, tenderness, self-worth and love.

Opal Honey

Like the sun which leads the bees to the nectar in the morning sunrise, this shade radiates the sweet richness of the resulting honey.

Opal Blue

Quiet your mind and enable your ideas to flow unhindered with this dreamy shade of blue.


Open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word with this taste of the Caribbean ocean. Marvel at this perfect imitation of natural Turquoise.

Opal Yellow-White            

Highlight your purity, innocence and wholesomeness with a charming touch of something secret.

All colours are available in both our classic fine jewellery cut as well as the new avant-garde shapes. For the current product range and availability, please contact our Customer Service Center or your Sales Representative.  

Material exlusively manufactured by Formica Co.,Ltd. sole producer in the world

An Innovative Take on Classic Shapes 

Get ahead of the competition with our new classically shaped flat back stones – but with the quality and luxury of fine jewellery stones!  And, these new components now allow you to create settings and products without any special equipment. Preciosa offers stones with and without silver foiling which protects against damage and intensifies the stone’s brilliance.  Hotfix* backing is also available.

*Hotfix (iron-on) consists of the application of a special low-melting-point adhesive to the underside of a flat-back stone, thus enabling the stone to be applied to fabrics using a combination of heat and pressure.

Briliant Crown

The basic brilliant cut offers you the maximum facets and exceptional brilliance – but in a new flat back shape.  In situations where the classic shaped stone cannot be used, this cut ensures the same sparkling optical-aesthetic properties.  A perfect combination of the traditional and the innovative! 

Sun Rose

As if the sun’s rays were trapped within the pristinely cut  facets, this component’s high crown, original look and incredible lustre is simply stellar!


The mysterious cat-eye effect of this domed cabochon – impossible with a faceted cut –  catches your attention each and every time! A simply perfect stone!

All these shapes are available in our new opal colours as well as our standard colour range.  For the current product range and availability, please contact our Customer Service Center or your Sales Representative.

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