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New Colours of Nanogems*

Preciosa® unveils new colours of Nanogems* – unique synthetic jewellery stones.

Nanogems* are now available in four colours:

Emerald Green


Sapphire Blue

Grey Blue Night

Nanogems present affordable gems for all jewellery manufacturers. These stones can be used for all jewellery techniques including wax casting ("lost wax") due to their high heat resistance!


The main characteristics:

• Homogeneous hue throughout each single stone

• Crystallographic structure equal to that of Spinel

• Refractive index 1.61–1.65

• Density 3–3.3 gram/cm³

• Melting temperature 1500–1750 °C

• Stable in wax casting


*Nanogems are cut from material exclusively manufactured by Formica Co., Ltd., sole producer in the world.


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