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New colours on the fine jewellery stones market

Nanogems 3 colours

Preciosa Cubic Zirconia & Gems  division launched new Nanogemstone colours : Citrine, Topaz Swiss Blue and Peridot. Besides  round stones, these new colours are also available in various shapes as squares, baquettes, marquises, pears and ovals.

Nanogemstones are popular in jewellery industry because of following reasons: They can withstand high temperatures and are perfectly suitable also for lost-wax casting . Another important argument for the Nanogemstones usage is the ability to offer colours exactly imitating natural stone counterparts. Rough for the Nanogems production is supplied by the exclusive producer, company Formica, a long term business partner of Preciosa.

Official launch of new nanogems colours took place at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show in March 2013. Not only producers of fine jewellery stones from Italy, Thailand and India, but also producers from all over the world showed big interest in these products. Everybody also appreciated another new items in our fine jewellery stones assortment – stones from the synthetic corundum in the Ruby Dark and Ruby Medium colours in sizes 0.8 and 0.9 mm which are really unique and no other competitor offers these stones  in its assortment.

You can look forward to other news about new materials, colours and cuts of Preciosa fine jewellery stones in autumn 2013.



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