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New transparent packaging for Preciosa coloured stones

CZ 230112b
Through our new packaging the rainbow will shine every day for our customers!

We would like to acquaint you with our new type of boxes  which were especially developed for Preciosa  Nanogems, coloured CZ, Synthetic Spinel, Synthetic Corundum and Genuine Spinel stones.

The new hard plastic and transparent packaging represents the latest inovation, based on the original box and adding  new functionality, patented locking pins, practicality and design. The bottom clear plastic material allows you to view the best quality of our coloured stones. The packaging can be repeatedly relocked by the new patented locking mechanism.

We bring you comfortable packaging which will meet all your  requirements for the safest possible transport and at the same time will ensure easy handling. Each box is provided with Preciosa's logo, contents identification and a bar code for easier tracking of the consignment. Thus you can safely identify high-quality goods by Preciosa.

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