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New Transport Packaging - Social Responsibility is Green in Colour

New Transport Packaging

As an ecologically-oriented and sustainable corporation, Preciosa is continuously looking for ways to lighten the burden of our activities on our environment.  This time, we are happy to announce that we have developed and are introducing brand new shipping boxes - into which your original Preciosa packaged stones are packed to prevent damage during transit. 

Our new shipping boxes are not only lighter, but are also made out of recycled material that does not use environmentally harmful bleaching or other dyes and chemicals. When choosing this new shipping material for you, however, we wanted to satisfy another of our company’s criteria: that of social responsibility.  In this case we were also successful, and have partnered up with a Czech “Remploy” factory – sheltered workshop for disabled people, which will be involved in the final production stages of our new shipping material.

The new trasport packaging features:

- ECO friendly packaging material 

- no colours

- recyclable material 

- lighter than current packaging  

- produced in a special workshop by disabled people 

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