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Technical Data

Preciosa is building on the more than one hundred-year tradition of cutting stones in North Bohemia. It is continuing the work of generations of craftsmen and, by introducing new, modern methods, is giving their art a new dimension. Its wealth of experience and demonstrable commercial success have predetermined it for success in one of the most difficult fields – cubic zirconia stones. The latest production technology contributes to the dazzling sparkle of Preciosa cubic zirconia stones. It guarantees top-class technical parameters – absolute precision, unchanging quality and excellent refraction of light. The perfection of Preciosa cubic zirconia stones is a logical conclusion of its long-term efforts to ensure its products are world quality. The naturalness with which Preciosa started machine cutting cubic zirconia stones is reflected by its economic efficiency. Thanks to this, its cubic zirconia stones have another benefit: their competitive price. Preciosa can therefore offer machine cut cubic zirconia stones of the same quality as those from other market leaders, but at a more attractive price.

Ideal Cut

Zirconia Star
To achieve geometrically precise cut of the stones, Preciosa uses a set of computing tools. This results in the STAR effect - an optical phenomenon in the shape of a microscopic eight-pointed star that appears inside the stone as a result of its absolutely precise cut, and can only be seen by means of a special optical instrument. This STAR effect testifies to the highest quality of the stone, its high brilliance, sharp dispersion of light and fire. Preciosa ranks among the leading and most reliable producers who boast this stamp of quality.
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Quality of Material

Cubic zirconia is the ideal raw material for the manufacture of jewellery stones owing to its hardness approximating to ruby or sapphire, and optical properties close to diamond. Other materials that Preciosa uses for this purpose have similar properties. Preciosa cooperates with top-ranking world producers of raw cubic zirconia. Only the mechanically and optically faultless raw material checked for light transmittance, limpidity and mechanical as well as heat resistance is accepted for cutting. A chemical analysis of its quality is carried out as well.
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Here, you can find the basic characteristics of materials
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Independent Test

Preciosa's high-quality jewellery stones have been successfully tested for quality parameters by the Czech Gemological Laboratory.
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An extra care is devoted to the packing of stones enabling practical and easy warehousing and using. The packaging is designed to comply with the requirements of the safest possible transport, to optimise costs, and at the same time to ensure easy handling.
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