The Masters of Crystal

Quality of Material

Cubic zirconia is the ideal raw material for the manufacture of jewellery stones owing to its hardness approximating to ruby or sapphire, and optical properties close to diamond. Other materials that Preciosa uses for this purpose have similar properties. Preciosa cooperates with top-ranking world producers of raw cubic zirconia. Only the mechanically and optically faultless raw material checked for light transmittance, limpidity and mechanical as well as heat resistance is accepted for cutting. A chemical analysis of its quality is carried out as well.

This chart shows the light transmittance in White, Pink and Peridot stones. The measuring method is accurate to such an extent that it is able to reveal optically active impurities. The absorption area caused by the decolorant action is clearly traceable in White stones. Using this method, important primarily in white stones, Preciosa is able to prevent low-quality material processing.


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